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  • Handmade
  • Materials: Pure essential oils, CLARY SAGE, CLOVE, CINNAMON, ARGAN, CITRONELLA, PATCHOULI, SWEET ORANGE, Essential Oil, Essential Oil Case

  • Volume: 10 fluid ounces
  •   We are an American based company, ZAVBE proudly boasts of
    searching the world for the finest oils and stocking one of the
    largest selections of rare and specialty natural essential oils
    and many other allied aromatic products in America. Not only
    sourcing the finest manufacturers but all products are packaged
    right here in the United States of America in the best bottles.
    We are exclusively into singles, sets, bulk sales, wholesaling
    and exports sales offering customized offerings for our deal
    clients! We also provide packaging that will give your purchase a
    fulfilling experience. Our aim is to deliver the best quality
    natural and purest form of products at the most lucrative,
    competitive and affordable 'value' for the money paid by our
    clients. ZAVBE provides our customers with world-class quality,
    purest and freshness-guaranteed essential oils and allied
    products. We interact with our clients and allow them a space to
    learn about each of our products, provide them with samples to
    analyze how our products are better than what competitors have to
    offer, develop a 'relationship' and win their 'trust' to encrypt
    ourselves in their hearts and minds by the sheer virtue of our
    transparent and ethical work practices. We only deal with
    companies that carry current crops to our production facility
    based on their harvest dates which promise most fresh oils
    available for you - all year round!

    The list of the Essential oils you will be getting:

    1. Argan Oil
    2. Tea Tree Oil
    3. Lavender Oil
    4. Eucalyptus Oil
    5. Rosemary Oil
    6. Peppermint Oil
    7. Frankincense Oil
    8. Lemongrass Oil
    9. Sweet Orange Oil
    10. Clove Oil
    11. Lemon Oil
    12. Bergamot Oil
    13. Patchouli Oil
    14. Oregano Oil
    15. Cinnamon Leaf Oil
    16. Citronella Oil
    17. Cedar Wood Oil
    18. Clary Sage Oil

    18 Essential Oil Set with 20 Hole Gift case Diffuser Aromatherapy 100% Therapeu

    SKU: 728140343
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